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Chris Kaderle.HEIC

Chris Kaderle

Role: Senior Partner, Search Operations

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Pronouns: I, the royal we

Alma Mater: Cleveland State University

Favourite Mobile App: Find my iPhone

Chris Kaderle lives and breathes process. His mission is to evolve the talent process through technology adoption, impacting candidate and client experience in a meaningful way.  His twenty-year journey in the search industry has led him to this moment when human capacity fuses with technical innovations like never before. 


Having executed on hundreds of engagements, Chris is acutely aware of the challenges associated with identifying and hiring talent. Helping companies attract the right solution for their strategic initiatives is his main driver. He leverages his broad industry experience – working with major financial services, technology, professional services, manufacturers, and consumer products companies – to advise clients on top talent strategies.


When not obsessed with solving process problems Chris will spend his time immersed in his NYT Games app.

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What new product are you longing for the world the invent?


Who topped your “Spotify Wrapped” last year?

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom

What’s your favorite meme?


What’s one prediction for 2030?

Search will become an immersive experience thanks to VR and AI.

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