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HR Technology

The right HR tech can build better workforces and deliver intelligent empathy

We help our clients develop parallel technology implementation and change management strategies that integrate every element of the HR technology stack.  Our approach is platform agnostic – our only interest is in ensuring that clients optimize their investments.



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Every firm goes through inflection points. Tech infrastructure that worked well for an early-stage firm simply doesn’t scale as volumes and issue complexity increase.  There is no “forever” tech solution.  Building an HR technology architecture that will evolve with your firm is what we do.

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Too often, HR Tech is delivered as a solution looking for a problem. “Best practice” is often code for “do it our way”. Your company and your workforce are unlike any other, so why force-fit your competitive advantage into someone else’s solutions?  We start by understanding the issues first and building HR technology solutions that fit the problem.


Implementing new HR tech affects every member of your organization.  It is a significant change management effort.  Done well, it will accelerate your organization’s development and effectiveness.  Done poorly, it will throw sand in the gears, with negative effects on employees, customers and partners.

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