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People Development

Employees thrive in environments where they can do their best work

As the pace of change accelerates, a company’s support for continuous development becomes a necessary investment.  This requires motivating and developing the people you have, having continuous conversations about challenges and priorities, and building specific strategies for creating an optimal work environment.



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Learning & Development


Continuous learning builds better workforces….and competitive advantage.  Online, mobile, blended and micro-learning formats are assumed.  Growth mindsets drive problem-solving, and new on-demand modalities like VR are revolutionizing learning possibilities.  Adaptive learning systems and platforms providing real-time feedback embedded assessments.  In many job categories, demonstrated mastery matters more than degrees.  All of this is within reach.  Let us show who how we can help build a comprehensive, broadly supported, and cost-effective learning environment.

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Employee Engagement


Engagement is a magical thing.  Whether it manifests itself as discretionary effort, going the extra mile, saving a client relationship, or solving a thorny problem, it defines competitive advantage.  It is magical, not mythical.  It can be measured, nurtured, recognized, captured, and amplified.  Organizational sensing and network analysis can inform, influencers can enhance, and recognition programs and amplify.  Let us show you how we can weave these capabilities into the fabric of your organization.

Performance Management


Traditional performance appraisal processes rank right up there with a visit to the dentist.  If they had positive outcomes, this might be necessary, but this infrequent, backward-looking, largely punitive exercise does little good for your company or any of the people involved.  Continuous conversations that are tech-enabled, aligned with objectives, and focused on outcomes take some work to implement, but the results are worth the effort.  Let’s explore the options together and see what works best for your company.

Want to keep your team?  Update their potential.



Platform Preview

Want your team to be the best? Put the best within their reach.

Want your team to be the best? Put the best within their reach.

The IGNYTE AI team knows first-hand the importance of keeping your team learning and growing. IGNYTE AI members want to learn more, contribute more, and grow. Be their best option, and the ROI is enormous. We’ve partnered with two of the world’s most influential online learning providers. One provides challenging courseware with a longer learning curve. The other provides excellent short courseware that lets your team upskill quickly. We call them Quick Skills and Knowledge+ and we like

IGNYTE Academy

IGNYTE Academy

IGNYTE Academy provides a fully functional learning management system. You can either pick from our catalog of 2600+ courses or build your own. Our team of experts are always there to do the heavy lifting for you. Use it to deliver micro-learnings on important topics such as unconscious bias or host a bespoke onboarding program for your employees and new hires.



A world-class collection of online learning resources and content, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions. The platform features more than 130 global partners Imagine the retention power of offering full-credit university courses that cost a few hundred dollars, not a few thousand. Now imagine the retention power of offering this to their family! Courses in Computer Science, Languages, Engineering, Business, Psychology, Writing, Electronics or Market

Employee Discounts

Employee Discounts

Provide employees with a curated collection of discounts and benefits. This component of the platform could be a great tool for employee engagement. With discounts and coupons available for online stores to local stores within reach of employee's zip code.

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